Presentation & Workshop Topics

The MOVING AWAY FROM THE ‘HOOD workshop will help you identify and deal with the things, people, and attitudes that get in your way. Some of these obstacles have existed for generations, and can be incredibly powerful in making you think you are trapped in The ‘Hood–both physically and mentally.

Let’s see what we can do to get you moving!
For you Advancers who have already moved out:
But, you might still have a bit of work to do. Reaching your higher destiny is more than a matter of simply re-locating. More than a few persons I know have packed their belongings and moved to more progressive surroundings, but still brought their ghetto ways with them. Along with their other family heirlooms, they packed their ghetto ways neatly and safely in bubble wrap, placed them in a box specially designed to transport such fragile objects, and hand-carried them in the cab of the truck to make doubly sure no breakage would come to these treasures. So, despite their new living environment and their new opportunities, they permitted their old and tired ways to compromise their advancement.

For you Delayers who have not yet moved out:

Are you still waiting for some program or some leader to come down the street, knock on your door, and lift you out of your circumstances? Are you still waiting for (Hoping for) Reparations, so you can “finally get on your feet?” Guess what? IT AIN’T HAPPENING!

The Advancement isn’t coming to your neighborhood. You have to seek out your higher destiny. You have to want it more than the comfort of those things that are familiar to you. That means if you want more than The ‘Hood for yourself and your family, then you have to exist beyond The ‘Hood. You have to MOVE OUT, and away from the racial and cultural isolation that is so pervasive there. What you seek is simply not in The ‘Hood. It never has been, and it never will be. And, in your heart, you know this. Most of us do. But, we’ve just become too comfortable with the discomfort. Too comfortable with the crime, danger, dirt, and excuses. Or, tragically, we’ve become too concerned about what others will think about us.

One of the ost engaging dilemmas of a long,arduous struggle is knowing and appreciating when the end is upon you. Most black persons of this generation are very familiar with the idea of “keep on keeping on.” Its suggestion of perserverance and fortitude were good for soul and mind. We struggled and fought through a horrendous history, a history unique in its brutality and powerful in its enduring aftereffects.

The phenomenon of always struggling, always climbing, and always moving forward is as much a part of our history as the plantations from which our journeys were launched. Struggles and obstacles have been so much a part of our history that many persons feel incapable of disengaging from their past and moving toward their futures.

I remember my own struggles through school. Studying, planning, preparing for challenges. Like any war or struggle, attrition is wearying, for both the attacker and the attacked. But when it’s done, it’s done.

And guess what folks? We’re done! We’ve reached the mountaintop! And beyond! Our new challenges are many, but personal. The hills and mounds we now face are ours individually. There no longer exist mountains that we’re all climbing together. We’ve already reached the summits, and the view is is an expanse of small hills and mounds to be faced by black persons as individuals.

The EMBRACING THE NEW YOU workshops helps those persons who have recognized that the racial struggle is over. Our struggles are now our own individual struggles. Finding the best schools for your children and expanding your career opportunities are now at center stage. The development of yourself and the realization of your fullest potential is the aim and outcome of this workshop.

Nurturance and development of yourself beyond race represents the final objective for the descendants of African black slaves. It is the closing measure of the long journey to complete freedom, and the conclusion of The Struggle for black Americans.

This final step also embodies the legacy of millions of souls reduced to huddled and dying black cargo in the holds of slave ships. Your ascension is their restoration. By embracing self beyond race, you need no longer think in black, behave in black, and exist in black. You need only be your individual self – Potent and Absolute.

He says he’ll get a job, but how long has it been? Weeks? Months? Years? Why can’t he see the same Help Wanted sign that everyone else seems to see? If you’re tired of your resources being sucked up, while he’s supposedly “getting on his feet,” then the TIME TO STOP LACTATING workshop is your you. This fascinating offering is designed to provide support and focus for those women who have decided that taking care of a grown man should not be their job.

Drive through any ‘hood or stroll through any prison, and you will be astonished by legions of black men milling about – doing nothing and planning little else. But, despite no visible means of financial support, somehow they survive. Their Mommas take care of them. Their girlfriends and wives take care of them. Even their sisters, grandmothers, and aunties take care of them. For the more unscrupulous ones, petty criminality provides them basic sustenance.

Living the street life and staying “true to the game” provides them with peers of similar circumstance and outlook. And once their female resources are exhausted, incarceration provides them shelter from the slings and arrows of their critics.

These black men are, in fact, freeloading. Their mothers, girlfriends, wives, Big Mommas, and aunties make it easy for “little Boo” to survive and to not stand up as a man.

The DUMPING POOKIE Workshop centers around the difficulties that come with moving beyond family and community members who are going nowhere. Oftentimes the people who are the closest to you can be the most difficult obstacles that you have to face. Although we can sometimes easily ignore the neighbor down the street, or the rabid ghetto preservationist on radio or television, it can be a lot harder to move past close family members – particularly those who are threatened by your movement forward and threatened by your success. 

Pookie Wilson is my cousin. We grew up walking the same streets, drinking the same Kool-Aid, and plotting on the same girls. But somewhere, somehow, Pookie took a wrong turn. He’s my cousin and I love him, but he’s scandalous. Impregnating a girl nowhere near legal age, pawning his grandmother’s wedding ring, creating a food stamps business scam, and snatching women’s purses on the first of the month are just a few of my cousin’s highlights.

It seems we all have Pookies in our lives. Often the family tolerates them, and the old people enjoin us to embrace Pookie and his scandalous ways. “Pookie is family”, they remind us. But removing from your life persons who embrace poverty or who are bound for ruin is the single most important accomplishment in your journey toward psychological freedom. Ridding ourselves of our Pookies – mine, yours, and theirs – will aid us all in advancing.

Other Topics

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