Why Are You Still “In The Game” if Your Ass Keeps Losing?

I am always amazed how prevalent the underworld exists among so many black men. Every other black male is a gangster (Oh, pardon me; a gangsta), or a hustler, or just finished doing a nickel or dime upstate. Living off the tit of the State or, when between prison terms, off that of your mother, girlfriend, or sister.

Since so many of you brothers are rushing off in record numbers to jails and prisons, I thought I’d drop you a line to say hello, encourage you to stay strong, and say thanks. Thank you for the fine brown sisters—from vanilla creme to dark chocolate. Beautiful, luscious, sweet sisters. Small waisted, big bootie sisters. Thick! And all so very much in need of companionship. Thank you, brothers, for making it so easy.

It used to be that someone like me would have to rap all day, buy dinners, be nice to the kids, all that. But now, all I got to do is be male. The rest is biology. You feeling me? And I, for one, am not particularly attractive. I’m short and bald, with flat feet and bad skin. But despite these drawbacks, your girlfriends, mothers, wives, and babies’ mommas are sweating brothers like me. Throwing themselves at us! And since you’re not out there to support them, I and my equally unattractive peers are doing our part to meet their needs. It keeps us busy—Lord knows it keeps us busy! But I just wanted to take some time out to say thank you. With very little effort—and with absolutely no competition to worry about—we’ve all become players. Your girlfriend, your cellie’s wife, even the mother of that youngster down the tier—all them honeys. We don’t even have to work at it. We just got to be! Brother, we appreciate your sacrifice. I mean we really appreciate it.

I know. We’ve heard it all before. You love your girlfriend/mother/wife/baby’s momma, and one day you’ll be back out there again. Only ten or twenty years to do—3,650 days and a wake-up. But you won’t stay out. You’ll go back over some other stupid shit and do another ten. Who could blame your girlfriends, mothers, wives, and babies’ mommas? Player, you’s a drain! Sweating people to put money on your books and accept your expensive-ass collect phone calls. Getting mad when your people don’t visit your raggedy ass every week. Trying from behind bars to control a sister who used to be your woman and now belongs to me. And from what I hear, you weren’t that good anyway—unless, of course, you’ve improved during your years locked up.

Anyway, I’ll let you go for now. I know you got bid’ness to attend to: commissary slips to fill out, collect calls to place, gang territories to represent, and institutional counts to make. I just wanted to let you know that you’re not forgotten and to thank you for your women.

Good looking out! I’ll holla.

Well, that’s all the time we have for today. We’ll pick up again next week.

Until then:



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Dr. James Davison, Jr. is a licensed psychologist and university professor. He conducts a private practice in Seattle, Washington, and has appeared on several nationally-aired programs including The Phil Donahue Show, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and C-SPAN. Dr. Davison hails from Philadelphia, and is the author of several books – Prisoners Of Our Past and Sweet Release, and the upcoming Paid In Full – related to individuality and personal freedom for African-Americans.

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