You Are the Master of Your Life

To date, there are 195 countries in the world, 50 states in this nation, and nearly 20,000 cities in the United States. Given these figures, and despite the ravings of white racists and black racists, where you are born on this planet should never EVER dictate the places where you live, prosper, and die on this planet.

Before Harriet, before Martin, and before Barack, legions of African-Americans did the very best they could do in an atmosphere of pervasive racism, devitalizing prejudice, and legalized discrimination. How dare you, in the face of unlimited opportunities, now hold yourselves back? How dare you?

African-Americans be not a representative of your community, but simply be the very best you can be. Make color go away; for them, and for us.

These are different times in our nation. Not eras of Slavery, Jim Crow, or Civil Rights. But eras marked by inclusion, opportunity, growth, and success. Release the Past. Embrace the Present. Relish the Future.

If you have the mind of an architect, a nurse, a poet, or even (God forbid) a psychologist, then damn it, BE THAT! Stop qualifying your professional aspirations and accomplishments by African-American, Black, or Of Color. Be the best that you can be, and your rewards will follow you.

In Hidden Figures, we can learn from the forward thinking individuals who chose to let their goals and actions be defined by their mind, rather than the color of their skin and progress forward to achieve those goals by whatever means possible. 

Click the image below and watch a sequence from Hidden Figures movie.

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Dr. James Davison, Jr. is an African-American licensed psychologist and university professor. He conducts a private practice in Seattle, Washington, and has appeared on several nationally-aired programs including The Phil Donahue Show, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and C-SPAN. Dr. Davison hails from Philadelphia, and is the author of several books - Prisoners Of Our Past and Sweet Release - related to individuality and personal freedom for African-Americans.