Your Future Begins With a Choice

Dr. James Davison, Jr.

Moving Beyond the Past

The most critical and pressing issue facing black Americans today is our need to become individuals–to release ourselves from racial yokes in order to end the centuries-long journey toward true freedom.

Reparations: Who is Owed, What is Owed, And by Whom is it Owed?
Many of our strangely anointed leaders rant that they know what is good for black Americans, that they know what we all need.
Emotional Growth Beyond Race
I’d like to present a challenge to the black community, in that we work on our intellectual growth and expand our perceptions of the world …
Haunted by the Ghosts of the Civil Rights Era
Where do I fit in? How am I supposed to be? To whom do I look for answers? Generation after generation, such fundamental questions of …
Are These Black Men Our Brothers?
Sometimes when I pass black men of worsening social stature on the street there arises a feeling of connection – an almost inexplicable affinity to …

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